Get HooKEY

Get HooKEY

Worried about touching things and opening doors with the Corona-virus? Our handy key chain door openers can help. It will prevent you from needing to touch most doors and buttons. The innovative design allows you to pull open most standard commercial doors.

– Proudly Canadian Made 🇨🇦
– Small size and easy to carry.
– Push-Button.
– Door Hook Puller.
– Lock Turner.
– Finger Groove.
– Attach to Keychains.
– Thumb Support.
– It can be used to open doors and press the elevator tool button or credit card machines.
– Soon will be available in stores (Ontario, Canada). You can find the nearest store for you soon on our website.

Material: Clear Acrylic
Size Approx.: 3″x1.5″
Weight: Light

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